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Vansen Graves & the Lamplighters: Keeper of the Light  

"Maybe his monster hunting escapades are destined to exist in a way he's never expected."

Vansen Graves and the Lamplighters Keeper of the light In search of his lost dog, Vansen Graves finds more than he bargained for: an ancient weapon that unleashes doom upon the sleepy town of Autumn Ridge. Alongside his best friends, the Lamplighters (Veda, James, and Lily), what started out as a game has become a […]

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A Flutter in the Night: Kyrn's Legacy

"There'd been no soldiers hiding in the grass to help advance the necromancer's agenda. They were not lying in wait, but in death."

A Flutter in the Night Kyrn’s legacy: book one The Five Fingers of the Black Hand have risen – a society of necromancers resolute in suffocating the world of Einroth beneath their black magic. Over hundreds of years, the Dark Ones have become nothing but fable, childhood stories. Now, the Dark Ones have returned. Prince […]

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Towns That Were

An Episodic, Narrative Podcast

Towns That Were An episodic, narrative podcast

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M. Sage Gormley

About the Author

M. Sage Gormley about the author Michael Gormley was born in Upper Sandusky, Ohio in 1991. He was raised there by his grandmother and mother. In 1995, his mother married, and a few years later, moved to Bainbridge, Ohio, living with his mother and father. There, he grew up with his younger brother and sister. […]

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Short Stories

Coming Soon

Short Stories Coming Soon

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